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REWI Grows Over 50,000 Members Becoming One of the Largest Real Estate Investor Networking Groups in North America!!

Real Estate Wealth Institute (REWI) officially launched Spring 2020 amidst the early Pandemic has now grown to over 50,000 Members, now making it among one of the Largest Real Estate Investor Networking Groups in North America.

The Group Led by Co-Founder Jeff Rincon and Veteran Real Estate Investors and Mentors Rafael Norat and Rose Mosley, never initially set out to grow a large group, the growth was more an organic byproduct of what they were already doing in their day to day real estate business which is being connectors and delivering value.

REWI which has strong New Jersey/New York roots in origin has now grown to over 40 Metro areas, where REWI Chapters are growing including 18 Chapters with over 1000+ Members in both USA and Canada.

REWI hosts weekly Virtual Networking meetings wraparound an Educational component. Those have grown to in-person events that tie in the Networking and Education in currently at least 15 different Cities From NYC to LA.

In addition to Networking Events, REWI has added Real Estate Education Courses and Extension Communities that cover a large breadth of topics including Tax Lien, Tax Deed Sales, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Real Estate Financing, Short Term Rentals and many other topics.

REWI has in 2022 launched a Direct Lending Component, REWI Funds which has quietly transacted approaching $100mm in loan transactions funded with an impressive 0% Default rate.

REWI has now launched an Apparel Brand- REWI Gear, and has a Multi Media Project that will include Publishing, Streaming Television, Podcast. Also Major Real Estate Projects and Community Development are in the works in many REWI Cities. In addition they have launched a Real Estate Service Professional Referral Service- REWI.Pro and a Listing Service

REWI has alot of ambitions plans in the near term to Serve as a "Counterpoint" to the current real estate industry zeitgeist, and focus on Serving the Market by helping develop Leaders in the Real Estate Industry, with a specific focus on emphasizing Financial Independence and Freedom through Real Estate Investing.

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