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Real Estate Wealth Institute (REWI) Launched in 2020.

REWI offers Education for Budding & Seasoned Real Estate Entrepreneurs Fix & Flip, Wholesale, Development, Buy & Hold and Many Other Topics. 

REWI is About Taking Action, Many of Our Members Actively Collaborate to Invest, Build & Develop while helping improve the Community.


Master Mind with Other Professional  Real Estate Investors. Collaborate with other Like Minded Individuals with Complementary Skill Sets in your local area and around the US & Canada

REWI Hosts Weekly Virtual and Live Events 

Our Membership Base is Over 40,000 Members, REWI is a Great Resource to Expand Your Network and Find the People you Need to Meet to Grow Your Business

All of the Mentors in the REWI ecosystem have real experience in real estate with most have over 10 to 25+ year experience cranking out Real Estate Deals for many many years in many markets with no hype or fluff. Very Real Deal Real estate Network, (Period.)

REWI is Not about Hype or focused on Selling Expensive & Dubious Coaching Programs from "social influencers/gurus" we actually reject that model and approach, as we feel it takes advantage of newcomers in the industry and takes needed capital away from the new investors.  We have an open minded network we outright welcome a different perspectives but we know that REWI is founded on fundamental principles that will withstand the market cycles and will help people accomplish the wealth creation they seek. Nothing in REWI is theory, the leaders in REWI have been through the market cycles dating back to the mid-1990s and documentation that shows success from the mid-90's through 2008 crash and successful navigation through all the bends in the real estate market up to present in 2023/2024. REWI focuses on leading edge action not following the crowd. 

We have a network of very strong real estate investors and participant helping people, REWI is  about Action and helping people Create Wealth in USA and Canada and actually help provide much needed Housing and Commercial Spaces that are needed by end users. 

We are excited for you to take advantage of REWI platform and we look forward to helping you build your Wealth and Create Financial Freedom.

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Jeffrey Rincon


Real Estate Wealth Institute

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