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REWI Funds! Deal of The Month

New Investor who came to a recent REWI Network and Chill in late January 2024 with ideas of getting into real estate, signed up in the REWI Investors program and with help of REWI Mentors was in 3 short months now able to replace a good portion of their full time job income with a small portfolio purchase. Using REWI Funds and creative financing was able to acquire 5 units in North East PA and will be able to employ some elements of the BRRR Methodology to capture all down payment used and with some additional funds left over. The Investor who is an out of market investor was able to employ the REWI network to have boots on the ground immediately. The Investor was able to capitalize by being on a Funding Clinic Deal Book session, and immediately was able to acquire 4 of the properties. By Closing on the 1st property and immediately selling off the property retail was able to secure the capital for the other 3 properties with a total cash flow of $5600/mos. plus an whopping additional utility income of $2400+ which increases the annual cap rate to over 17% compared to market rate of 11%. The Investor will be able to Cash Out Refinance and get back all money invested and left with a strong net cash flow.

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What an awesome deal that was totally arraigned by Rewi mentors for Investor members that are part of the network. This gives me confidence and motivation to get started on the active investing route to duplicate this process. Thank You and Congrat's to all of the Rewi Mentors, and fellow R/E Investors. Keep up your awesome service you provide to the community.😎

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