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REWI Funds! Deal in Saint Louis

REWI Funds helps REWI Investor acquire Multi Family Property in Saint Louis County

REWI Investor and Funding Clinic member sourced and acquired a 4 Plex property in need of rehab by using REWI Funding Clinic Private Investors Network who funded the initial acquisition, then member used REWI Funds Real Estate Line of Credit to fund the Construction Cost and Payoff the Private Lender. The Property is located in an upcoming area, it was purchased for $55,000 and after rehab will command a whopping 19% Cap rate, the REWI Investor will enjoy over 100% ROI on this deal.

REWI Funds! is a direct lending program administered by Real Estate Wealth Institute (REWI) it is designed to assist Real Estate Investors to Fund Real Estate Investments across United States, this includes acquisition, rehab, refinance, short term, long term, new construction, Multi Family Properties, Mixed Use and more. Go to for more information.

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